Added June 10, 2007

Carolina is a hot sexy blonde that I met when me and a couple buddies hung out at a local strip club for Frank's birthday. I was told one can book Carolina for home visits and that's what I did. I tipped her $200 and arranged for a home dancing session, a week later I had her dressed up as a female cop at my pad. I had a blast banging this sexy slut because she knew how to do the role playing by heart. Ends with a cumshot in her mouth.

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Caroline De Jaie


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This scene has a amazing opening. The director is driving his car and meets an ultra-hot police-woman. After some funny talk she jumps into the car and stars sucking his cock in the back of the car. Excellent, we should see this kind of action more often. Caroline looks very sexy with that costume and when she takes it of we see a perfect body. Later, they move to a house and the sex starts. The first part is very good, specially a blowjob while we can see Caroline's body from the top. But later the actor has some erection problems. I think you should cut the action when that happens!!! Fortunately, there are some nice positions and anal sex and Caroline is very hot. But then, he pisses on her, What the hell !!!! If you want to pee, go to the toilet. Do not do it on a nice girl. What's the point on that? Very disgusting. This is weird scene, it has great parts and bad ones as well.


The movie opens up in a pretty sweet looking car, the director is driving along, and makes a right turn when all of a sudden a buxom blonde in a sexy as hell police uniform is pulling him over! She asks for his licence and registration, which our hero says is not in his possession. She says that she needs it to give him a ticket, to which he replies: "You know what I want? I want to fuck you right here in the car because you look so sexy." Wow, that's no way to talk to an officer, haha! After some more humourous dialogue, he convinces her (rather easily) to get in his car for some good in n' out action! If only real life worked like this! The scene shifts to the back of the car, and Caroline starts sucking our hero's dick, this is a short little segment, and we then turn to an indoor scene, and Caroline is standing, showing off her sexy outfit, a blue dress with police belt and black boots. He pulls aside her panties to show a cleanly shaved pussy. She walks over to a couch and gets into doggie, spreading out her tight little asshole. He puts his big toe in her ass and makes her taste it. She turns around and lets him finger her pussy and asshole, and again does some A2M on those fingers. He hands her the handcuffs that were on her belt, and makes her handcuff her hands from behind! He puts her head on the arm of the couch and gets her to start sucking his dick. He starts throatfucking her pretty good, he then gets in front of her and the cocksucking continues, which is even hotter as we can see her hands cuffed behind her back. The only problem here, as with the Vanessa scene on PurePOV, is that he isn't fully hard most of the time! They start fucking in vaginal cowgirl, and we get a great view of Caroline's tits and pussy. This shifts to reverse cowgirl, and we get a great view of her ass and tight asshole! She is riding him hard in this scene, and does a lot of the work. She hops off and sucks that cock drenched in her pussy juice. She hops back in reverse cowgirl and the hero fingers her butthole as she fucks him. He then puts his cock right in that asshole. She keeps riding him, this time anally, this is very hot, seeing a cock go in and out of her tight ass. He tells her to come suck his dick, and she jumps off his cock and does some A2M on that dick that had been in her asshole. The scene shifts to Caroline on her knees, hand covering her pussy. Then we get a rare but GREAT event, pissing! The director takes aim and pisses all over Caroline's stomach and pelvic region. Very, very hot stuff! A quick cut, and we're now watching his cock slide into her ass yet again, this time in doggie. She does some more A2M, we get a little bit more doggie anal, then we get read y for the finish. Caroline is on her knees, face in front of us, sucking and stroking our hero's cock. He pulls away and holds his cock, and shoots one really good shot right into her waiting mouth. He tries to get her to show us the sperm in her mouth, but she already swallowed it, haha. She puts on her police hat and runs away, in a strange ending. This was an up and down scene, starting with the negatives, the director, as in the Vanessa scene, didn't have full wood for many segments, which was unfortunate, as he has a good attitude and great ideas! On the bright side, we got a good intro with some dialogue and humour, pissing and handcuffed blowjobs! Wow, just excellent. I hope we see more and more of these activities, this is a big step for Indexxxed! Rating: 9/10