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I fucked Kasey at my private gym. She took it in the ass as well. With such an amazing cute blonde how could I not blow my load inside her mouth.

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Talk about a perfect personal trainer ... Face: B Body: B+ Charm: B Sex: A (A: I’m going to explode, B: Surefire stiffy, C: Hey, at least it’s sex, D: Time for a sandwich) HIGHLIGHTS: Big booty, POV vaginal and anal, POV doggystyle on a weight bench (13:50-18:44), interesting gym setting, Kasey is a beautiful, full-figured Hungarian 18 year old with blonde hair, real-looking tits, curves, and a fantastic big booty. This girl is well-developed and definitely drank her milk when she was younger. She has a girl-next-door vibe about her. At first glance you notice her innocence and that her body is wholesome -- she is not a waif, and she is not fat. She comes off in her interview as shy, but during her performance she is more enthusiastic. As you get to know her, the innocence fades. When she undresses, a tiny arm band tattoo as well as another tattoo on her right calf are revealed hinting at her naughtiness. She also sports a nose ring which I noticed only on close ups. She says she likes a little anal, and with that ass I'm watching. Her POV outing is enjoyable and unique due to the setting -- it takes place in a gym. Her best asset, her ass, is well-viewed from behind while on a weight training bench (now that's what I call a workout). The weight bench portion of the video was in my opinion the best, most unique part of this video (13:50-18:44), and her ass is right in our face where it belongs (18:25). I like how the gym's mirror naturally provides an alternate angle to the POV view. (NOTE TO FILMMAKER: as long as we don't see too much of the dude, mirrors should be used more in POV films.) After a variety of positions for vaginal sex and blowjobs, we are in fact treated to some POV anal in reverse cowgirl (28:00). In conclusion, she takes a load in her mouth and swallows. Yes, she definitely enjoys her milk! Sexy natural girl in one-on-one sex. Recommended, especially for fans of POV doggystyle. -Scenedoc


Kasey has always been one of my favorites. She has a great combination of an innocent face but a smoking hot body. Thankfully, Kasey strips out of her costume as soon as possible. She has a great set of perky, natural tits. We lead her to the gym. By this time she is completely naked and allowing the cameraman to poke and grab her while she stretches around the punching bag. We spend quite a bit of time watching her get rubbed out by said cameraman. Eventually we stop working on her and let her work on us. She starts with a handjob which leads to some amazing oral. She does a wonderful job of switching from slow and teasing to rapid and intense. Kasey, above most other models, is very skilled in the hands-free blowjob. Unfortunately, we see a lot more finger fucking after the oral. Frankly, my fingers don’t give a shit. We start some doggy style. I love the fact you can see Kasey in the gym mirror. She does most of the work, pushing herself onto his cock. At times she grabs onto the barbell and makes good use of the scenery. We switch back and forth from doggy to oral, by far two of her strengths. We see her in the missionary position, but this leaves very few options available for variety. She does her best, pushing her heels together and further expressing her beauty and her body. We even get a little anal action. We go from ass to pussy to mouth, from the side. This has become one of my favorite positions. It almost drives the actress to focus on teasing using her lips and tongue. Too bad it’s so short. Kasey hops on top to ride us cowgirl. This is par for the course, with the only variation is a little anal and a little oral. The good news is oral is one of her strengths, so the more, the better. She turns around and rides us reverse cowgirl style. They seem to have problems finding a rhythm. However, when all else fails, try oral again! She gives regular cowgirl another shot. The moments where she towers above us during the position change is really hot. She takes the load in her mouth and swallows it like a pro. Pros: Kasey delivers another keeper. Strong oral and doggy. New location! Cons: Sticks to routine flawlessly. My Score: 4 out of 5 - Civ