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This little blonde cutie stopped by to advertise some garbage. I did not care but I really wanted to fuck her. She sucked my cock and then I banged her tight pussy dropping my load on her face.

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Gents, POV is definitely the way to go with porn -I worked for many years as a photographer for a couple of different adult publications and was one of the first guys to push this perspective. Just one or two things I can point out -get rid of the stripper boots -those went out in the 80's -bare feet are very sexy. And have the girls talk a little more -get to know them a bit -accents are also very sexy and don't jerk off in their faces -let her make u cum naturally -very hot. But all in all great job, great quality and gorgeous models.


Lily (or Nora) is in a neon pink getup, and looks eager to get things started. We get some good teasing at the beginning, with Lily and the director rubbing her pussy through her tight pink panties. She stands up, and removes her top to show off her perky breasts, and then takes off her panties and turns around, spreading her cheeks to show off her very tight asshole. She sits back on the chair, spreads her legs, and the director wastes no time fingering her wet cunt, getting up to four digits in there at once! Lily then rubs her clit and fingers herself (2 digits), pulling them out to suck all the pussy juice off. We then get a great shot of her rubbing her clit while stroking the director's large cock. Lily then hops off the chair, crouches down, and gets to sucking some dick. She holds his cock and bobs up and down on his shaft, while her free hand plays with her pussy. She sits back on the chair, and the director slides his cock into her for some mish action. Good stuff here, as the camera pans to her face and then back to the action. He pulls out and makes her taste his cock for some P2M. The next position is doggie, and is a pleasure to watch, nothing like a small girl getting impaled by a huge cock! He makes her taste her pussy juice again, before switching to cowgirl, where we get a great view of Lily's tits and tummy. She jumps off and turns around to switch to reverse cowgirl, then gets ready for the money shot. She's on her knees, directly under the cameraman's cock, as he strokes, until he deposits a thick, gooey load right on her nose. She poses for a bit, and we see the goo dripping off her nose down her face, before the camera pans down and we see her squat and piss all over the floor! Yummy, and very hot. I love it! Nice twist at the end. Lily gives a good, enthusiastic performance, and the actor was good, using his big cock to his advantage. Rating: 8/10