Added January 22, 2008

Maya works at a local strip joint as a waitress. She wore her work outfit when she came by to fuck with me. I enjoyed fucking her tight warm pussy and blasting some cum in her mouth.

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Maya Bee


Art & Addons piercing tattoo Body Type smooth skin Breasts medium Butt average Clothes costume fully naked high heels Cumshot swallowing - single Ethnicity caucasian Eyes brown Face Type slutty Fetish eye contact fingers in mouth Furniture chair lounger sofa Hair short Hair color dark Location living room Male - Cum average Male - Dick size big Position cowgirl doggystyle regular missionary reverse cowgirl Pubic Hair trimmed Pussy/Labia big clit medium Sex blowjob - single fingering vaginal Skin tone medium Tease flirting striptease

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Maya has a pretty smile punctuated by a stud in her lip… no pun intended. She comes to Pure POV after performing for other related sites. I must admit, she looks a lot hotter now than in previous videos. I have complained about the costumes before, but this one isn’t that bad. It barely conceals anything and you know it’s not going to last long with the action we are about to endure. The first glimpse of her tits reveal a lovely pair. Natural, perky, and firm…three qualities that make a great set. Maya stretches and teases and leads us around the estate, slowly taking off the garbage bag made into a costume. This is one of the better teases I have seen. Let’s see if the sex can match. Her oral starts slow and teasing. We get a bit here and a bit later. We follow her indoors where she teases us some more. She resists the urge to stop teasing and go faster. She uses a lot of tongue and works her lips around the tip with wonderful precision. Unfortunately, this portion is painfully short. Don’t they know blue balls can kill? However, once the costume is removed we see a beautiful ass and more piercings on her belly button. As if reading our minds, the actor goes back in for more oral, when vaginal seemed the likely next step. Maya does well even with a hands-free blowjob. We enter her from behind while she is in doggy position. While starting slow, as would be expected, we pick up the pace as she picks up the volume. While this looks like fun, it doesn’t seem to catch on as quickly as the other scenes so far. However, she does have tan lines, which I find to be very attractive. It seems to drag on for a bit longer than it should. Alas, it was worth the wait, because between sex positions we get more oral. This time she advances from teasing to genuine sucking. We then move into a missionary position. This, like the previous doggy position, never seems to stand out as very hot. Admittedly, it would be difficult to live up to the expectations set by the tease and the oral parts. This changes when she hops on top for cowgirl sex. For a brief moment, she leans forward, letting it all dbang over us. It must be a camera problem, because the actor literally pushes her back. Nevertheless, we get to see Maya go at her own speed and with her own style. She bounces up and down at various tempos that make this part very hot. We get more oral and a little handjob before she reverses the cowgirl and bounces in that direction. When you let certain girls, like Maya take control, you are going to be very pleased. Not every model is like this, but some you just need to let run the show. She takes the load in her mouth and swallows it with a smile for all of us. Pros: Awesome oral and teasing. Cons: Long stretches of mundane doggy and missionary My Score: 4 out of 5 - Civ