Added October 17, 2007

When I saw Mely for the first time in front of the stripclub I was stunned. I fucked this stripper's pussy and ass and dropped my load on her face.

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Linda Brown


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Right now is when I usually say Mely is one of my favorites. Well, she is. I was thrilled to hear she had a POV video out. She looks sophisticated, but acts in a very sexual way. I have been impressed with every video I have seen her in, knock on wood. Mely has a near perfect body. It’s natural and gorgeous. She’s wearing a netted, skin-tight outfit that’s barely containing the hotness that it’s waiting to release. We get an upward view of her towering over us. The camerawork shows off her fantastic figure. She has a mole or birthmark on her ass that may throw some people off. It’s unfortunate that such a promising starlet may be held back because of it. After a quick tease, mostly performed by her outfit, we get some great oral action. She furls her brow when she really gets into it. Her hypnotic smile is one of her strengths. Unfortunately, this part seems extremely short. We switch to a semi-POV angle of the missionary position. Her long legs wrap around the actor to intensify the situation. She’s still wearing the top, but it reveals her body well. We switch to a side doggy position, also not from a true POV angle. This quickly gets into a true doggy position and poof, her top is gone. This seems like a missed opportunity to watch her strip. She holds a hand over her birth mark. Either she was instructed to or is self conscious about it. Either way it seems unfortunate that she has to hide it. We switch from oral back to doggy with quick edits, not the much more desired actress-led transition. We get a little anal with her and she takes it like a champ. She hops on top for some cowgirl, one of my favorite positions. Thankfully, and as a lesson to future videos, she does not lean back for a bit, showing off the action of her entire body. This isn’t long at all, though. She continues to take the anal pounding stretched back on the lawn lounger they are on. She hops off for more oral, and rotates for some reverse cowgirl. She takes the load on her face. Pros: Mely is a keeper. Beautiful and talented. Cons: Parts not in POV. More tease! My Score: 3 out of 5 - Civ