Sandra B

Added June 3, 2008

Sandra showed up in a super sexy State Trooper uniform. I just had to slide under that little skirt and give her a little pump.

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Sandra Black


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Bad boys, bad boys, what you gonna do? Hot Sandra present herself in a police outfit. Prepare to be arrested! The police outfit is quickly put aside and the action starts. Before she puts he lips around his cock he fingers her from behind. After the licking she is pounded from behind while she moans sensually. After a while she is hungry again and resumes the sucking. Her ass is craving for some flesh and she decided to ride him wildly. She goes ecstatic before he comes all over her face. Overall rating 8 out of 10


Beautiful Sandra Black is Yours!! Face: A+ Body: A+ Charm: A+ Sex: A+ (A: I’m going to explode, B: Surefire stiffy, C: Hey, at least it’s sex, D: Time for a sandwich) HIGHLIGHTS: stunning model-like looks, face piercing, big fake tits, tittyfucking, big ass, great POV doggy with thong on, and ANAL Wow. Holy shit! This video rocks. Sandra Black shot in POV, it must be Christmas already? She's so hot you could film her for 30 minutes while she prepares her tax return, and you'd still be rock hard. I love the guys at Perfect Gonzo (can't wait to see the high def version), they are so good to their viewers getting all these hot girls. Do yourself a favor and click "Save As" while you're reading this review, so you are even seconds closer to watching it in all its glory. Sandra Black is a stunning brunette girl with a model-quality face, a beautiful perfectly toned body, and perky and large fake tits. She is enthusiastic on camera and although she does not talk much ... you definitely hear her presence. She knows how to suck a mean dick - none of that just-rim-the-head bullshit, she slides her mouth all the way down the shaft. Appreciated. She's been featured in several vids here, and justifiably so since she definitely qualifies as an A-List performer for Perfect Gonzo. The video starts out with her outdoors prancing around in a sexy "state trooper" outfit. I liked the shots near the brick - they were aesthetically well done. Anytime you follow a girl in a sexy outfit walking, you build on the sexual tension. Ideally, you should have continued to shoot her walking indoors to the fuck room, instead of cutting to indoors. The clothes come off rather quickly, save for a white fishnet thong and a black necktie. When the fucking begins after some fingering and oral action, Sandra gets on all fours and the cameraguy pulls the thong to the side and sticks it in (11:50). Nice! Sandra B's butt is petite and she looks so hot bent over in POV, this doggy action is amazing. I like seeing the guys interact with the girls' wardrobe while they fuck them - it adds to the realism (since we all do that at home when we're fucking) and it can be kinky. I would have liked to see the cameraman use his free hand to pull on her necktie and choke her playfully. What follows is reverse/regular cowgirl and missionary, complete with tittyfucking (17:50), intermittent blowjobs, and anal. She takes a load on her knees and swallows. Hot! One of the best POV vids available. This video is a treat, when you finish downloading it click "play" and enjoy. -Scenedoc