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This horny waitress sucked me off and then let me fuck her ass. Oh it was so fucking good in her and dropping my load in her mouth.

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This is one of the most beautiful scenes that I have seen from Sandra. It's an extremely hot scene plus is easy to watch in terms that is calmed and relaxing. This why I love this kind of scenes with a really gorgeous model, a first person perspective and a very not rough or not violent but calmed and comforting performance for both, female model and male. I really love the camera shoots looking near the floor up to the model; Sandra is super hot and knows how to exploit that kind of shots to the maximum. The premise of this scene is to watch how would it be if Sandra fucks you and definitely it achieves its goal; you can see close how Sandra sucks cock, you can see very close her facial expressions, her big and beautiful boobs and her nice pussy. This scene is perfect. [-Ramon]


“Sultry Sandra" Face: B Body: A Charm: A+ Sex: B+ (anal, but no vag!) HIGHLIGHTS: Dick-sucking lips, awesome POV blowjob, anal and ATM POV, piercings, tattoo. (A: I’m going to explode, B: Surefire stiffy, C: Hey, at least it’s sex, D: Time for a sandwich) Sandra is a 20 year old girl from Budapest who has dyed blonde hair and a cute face with big, pouty dick-sucking lips. Her body is both voluptuous and tight. Her tits are fantastically fake with big areolas and a nipple piercing. Aside from her piercings (ears, nipple, face, bellybutton - hey, she lost the tongue ring!) she sports a tattoo on her right side. She is playful and energetic on screen and does a great job of looking into the camera with that alluring "Hey come over and fuck me soon" look. Seeing her in POV makes good sense because seeing this charming girl fuck in first-person is a real treat. She is enthusiastic on camera and treats "us" well with her warm demeanor and sultry attitude. The scene is shot well, and we are treated to blowjobs and anal. Her POV blowjobs, intermittent in the first third of the movie while she teases and strips, are awesome. We see her on her knees bent over in her kinky outfit while she strokes and teases our cock, intermittently sucking on it. Her sucking then becomes fast and intense, and she takes the time to make eye contact and act playfully in between the intense sucking action. Later, she takes out her beautiful tits while she plays with our cock. The anal POV is great, because a lot of the vids on this site so far don't feature anal. We are treated to a POV ATM at 28:50 that is shot well. My major complaint is that her pussy wasn't even tapped once during the 35 minutes. I would have loved to see her bent over in doggy, taking it in and out of her ass and vagina back and forth. I believe this was a wasted opportunity. I also think we should have seen her in a position, like on her left side with her right side up, so we could see her tattoo while we pounded her ass. Another wasted opportunity. Great girl, good movie, recommended if you like anal or big, pouty dick-sucking lips (30:45). -Scenedoc


Sandra, are you for real? She has a unique look to her, and I like it. Multiple piercings and multiple hair colors means she’s ready to party. I hope she performs as well in this POV as she has in other videos. By the way, thanks for keeping her in somewhat normal clothes and not some circus costume. We are off to a good start. I love that her shirt is a few sizes too small for her tits and that middle button is hold on for dear life. She slowly rubs her nipples, which are now visible through her shirt. This is a tease worth remembering, unlike the sad stripper shuffle we sometimes see. She starts stroking us off with all of her clothes still on. The camera keeps the focus on her for the most part, which is a great quality of these videos. She starts to suck at a very slow pace, rapidly increasing the tempo, but working in tongue and lip action when she can. She does this very well. Those lips, those lips are to die for. She could have finished me off at this point and ended the video, but there’s more, of course. She goes from oral, back to oral. It was so good; we had to go back for seconds. Those lips and that tongue could make me tell the truth or do bad things to good people. After nearly half the video is over, we finally find out what she’s been hiding under that shirt. It’s a pair of large, lovely, pierced tits. But guess what’s next? More oral! Thank you! She teases us with a tit fuck that is slow and full of eye contact. Instead of sticking to routine, we jump from 15 minutes of oral straight to anal. She has a lovely, perfectly shaped ass. The only bad part is, for however enjoyable this must feel, we don’t see her tits, eyes, lips, or face during this part. Perhaps I have been spoiled by all the oral at the beginning of the video. Speaking of beginning of the video, at about 19 minutes in, she gets up and goes inside. When we get inside ourselves, the tease begins again, this time with a strip scene. She takes off her apparel one piece at a time. She has a killer body with piercings and cool tattoo on her side. She lies on her back as we enter her for some anal missionary. Good call since we get to see her “Oh” face and her nice body. Seriously though, how does she get through airport security with all that metal in her body? We see another instance of a disturbing trend in these videos. Instead of physically changing sexual positions, the video “flash forwards” into the scene, already in progress. You won’t hear me complain for long, because now she’s riding us cowgirl style, sucking us off during breaks. She takes the load in her mouth. Is there any other way? FYI, she doesn’t take it in the vag the entire video. Wow. Pros: Unique look, killer bod, mind melting oral. Cons: If you don’t like her look, tough shit. My Score: 4 out of 5 - Civ