Added September 18, 2007

Another cookie sellin girl scout found a better pass time letting me bang her tight young ass. She sucks my dick and after which I stick it right up her ass. She is a huge gaper!

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She is totally unbelievable . Best girl on your sites, more please.


“The birth of the SLALOM – a new phrase for the porn lexicon” Face: C Body: B Charm: B Sex: B (A: I’m going to explode, B: Surefire stiffy, C: Hey, at least it’s sex, D: Time for a sandwich) Stefani is a cute 18 year old brunette with an exotic look to her. I got to be honest … her face isn’t spectacular, but her body is thin, natural,and tight (not the tightest buns though, hence the “B”). She gives an overall enthusiastic performance that makes up for any of her aesthetic shortcomings. Stefani starts off wearing a sexy scout uniform. You know, if I come back in my next life as a piece of clothing, that sexy scout uniform might not be a bad gig. I’ve seen dozens of girls on these sites with this exact same costume, leading me to believe that this silly piece of clothing has seen more hot European action than I (sigh) may ever see. But I digress… The customary tease and blowjob were ok, but I was a huge fan of the way the POV director shot her undressing at 07:25 – we see her from afar as she strips for us seductively and then approaches our cock – all in one shot. That felt like a real life Point Of View. The action that follows includes a lot of anal … including a fantastically shot, close up, in-your-face reverse cowgirl anal that lasts for four minutes, has some shots of her 18 year old gaping asshole and penetration (although not the initial penetration – boo!), and ends with a filthy ATM. Kudos. Be sure to also check out some great doggy action on the couch (24:00). Before I segue into the next highlight I want to bring up an important point: the importance of penetration. The best part, for me, is when we see penetration. Anytime a director splices two scenes together, such as an anal shot and a vaginal shot, and we jump from one to the other without seeing the cock being pulled out and inserted back in, for me it is a WASTED OPPORTUNITY. Porn is about creating the illusion for the audience that they themselves are in on the action. That’s why we watch, that’s why you are making the movie. It takes away from the illusion of fucking the girl for the audience if you leave things out like 1) the girl taking off her clothes 2) the girl getting penetrated and 3) shifting positions. Little details like that may detract from the intensity and break up the rhythm of the “movie” you are trying to create, but they also add to the realism. In feature films with narrative being the focal point, editing is essential. But in gonzo, editing should be minimal. The best gonzo movies are the movies in which either I can’t tell there was any editing or the performers were so damn good they got it right in the first take. Food for thought … And at 30:48, for about 18 glorious seconds, we are treated to the image of two gaping holes (a vagina and its neighbor) and penetration back and forth. Like a skier carving the slopes, the penis slaloms back and forth in penetration frenzy that is a pure perverted delight. Please give us more slalom shots in the future. To summarize, this girl gives a decent performance, and even though there are hotter movies available this movie has many things to like about it. Worth a download. -Scene Doc