Added October 2, 2007

Meet Little Pink Riding Hood. I always had a thing for red heads and Stella turned me on like crazy. I fucked her super tight ass then she jerked me on her face and mouth.

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Read the excellent review by SimsVic which I agree with completely. I'm writing to add a few more observations. First, I love the way the pink mesh stockings frame Stella's legs, ass and pussy. She's not a ravishing beauty, but the hot pink stockings really make her look hot. Second, she has great eye contact as she takes the huge cock into her mouth toward the beginning of the video. This is a real strength of the Pure POV line of videos. Third, the insertions look great, both vaginal and anal. Stella has nice clear skin and a pretty pussy, and the long cock looks great penetrating her. Her full pussy lips have a great way of hugging the cock as it strokes into her, and her tight ass really moves with the cock as it fucks her anally. Once again, the hot pink stocking frame the shot beautifully. Check out the great image at 32:00 as we see her riding anal cowgirl, as the cock pulls out leaving a creamy white asshole. Stella looks great looking back at the camera, her full pussy lips parted wide, breasts hanging nicely, and a big smile on her face. She looks like she loves making this video as much as I am enjoying watching it. Finally, Stella does a great job finishing the movie and the guy, as she jacks him until he cums nicely on her face. She continues to suck the throbbing cock then rubs the cum onto her tongue using her middle finger. Very sexy! I get tired of watching the guys jack themselves off all the time. I know the guys have to have incredible control but it's just not life-like to have to do it yourself when you've got a hot lady like Stella ready to do it for you! I'm somewhat new to the PurePov videos, but this is my favorite so far! An excellent video. Don't miss it! :D


This is another outdoors scene on PurePOV, with the fiery redhead Stella and our favourite huge dicked director taking the reins. After the initial tease, in which we get great shots of Stella's ass, he holds her by the back of the head while she takes out his big rod. He gets hard pretty fast, and though it's not rough by any means, it's lovely to see a girl try and jam a huge cock down her throat. There's some good no hands head, as Stella bobs up and down, trying to take it all in (is it possible?). The fucking starts in mish, as he slides his dick right into her eager twat. Again, this scene is made by the first principle of porn. We like seeing girls take big dicks, and this scene qualifies in spades. After getting nailed for a while, the director pulls out and starts fingering her tight little butthole before gently sliding his cock in for some anal action. Really nice shots here. The position then shifts to cowgirl vag briefly, before going to cowgirl anal. Stella then gets off, turns around and we get a great shot here of her ass bouncing up and down in reverse cowgirl anal. At one point the director pulls her up so we can see her gape, but her asshole is so tight! It must feel like heaven nailing it. For the finish, Stella does it on her own, jerking our hero off onto her pretty face, all in POV style. She stands up and we get a nice close-up of her cum covered mug before the scene fades. If this guy is used in the PurePOV scenes exclusively, this site will be fantastic. This is a solid scene, with good lighting and nice action. Definitely worth your download. Rating: 8.5/10