Added June 10, 2007

I had 19 year old Vanessa dress up in this goth/skater outfit which was really sexy and added to her innocent look nicely. She sucked my dick and then I had her lower her ass on my dick while I was on the floor. Yes, she did anal and it was fantastic. In between assfucking I asked her to suck my dick again, and she obliged with a smile on her face. Ends with a great facial all over this cutie. Enjoy!

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Vanessa B


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Vanessa is a cute teen and in this scene we have the chance to fuck her. Well, at least it looks like we are fucking her thanks to the POV style. She is the kind of girl that you dream to take home and fuck in a Saturday night when you are in a disco. She doesn't like look like a porn actress. In the other side, she loves to take it up the ass and she is a gaper. She starts giving him an amazing blowjob and then she gets fucked straight to the ass. There are a few good positions but sometimes the guy is not fully-hard and the action gets worse. Anyways the scene is quite good.


Here we go, PurePOV! A site wholly dedicated to the art of POV filmmaking, bringing us porn fans the closest we will ever come to nailing a gorgeous Euro pornstar up the ass. In this vid, we have the lovely Vanessa B. The movie begins outdoors, with Vanessa walking towards us from a distance. She's wearing a pseudo schoolgirl type outfit, with white fuck me boots. She looks cute as hell, and the director (actor) even says: "I hope I'm gonna fuck her." We hope so too! A brief interview informs us she's a 20 year old girl from Prague. We get a short tease, and then the camera follows her walking around the property, eventually zipping open her top to reveal cute teen breasts. As they move inside, Vanessa has her top open, with her skirt off to reveal white panties. She looks great, and the anticipation builds for some hardcore action. She gets on the couch and pulls aside her panties to reveal a nice cute asshole, which the director wastes no time in fingering. She gets on her back and he continues fingering her ass while she fingers her cunt. The director then lies back and Vanessa comes down on her knees to start sucking his hard cock. Of course, this is all shot in POV! She sucks and strokes, eventually providing good no hands head, with great eye contact in the camera. He gets a bit limp unfortunately, not totally, but he is only semi-hard. He asks her to come sit on his cock, and we get a quick jump cut to her riding him in cowgirl anal! No vaginal here! She rides him anally then pulls out and comes down to suck his cock for some A2M, then hops back on for some more assfucking. She turns around so we get her ass facing the camera, and places his cock back into her butthole. Very hot. She gets off for some more A2M. Sadly, yet again the director has lost some wood! What a shame, must be performance anxiety, haha, happens to every guy. They switch to mish, and now the director is rock hard! He slides his cock into her tight ass and pounds away. This goes on for a while, and he pulls out to show off a nice gape from lil Vanessa. The shot changes and now Vanessa is on her knees, face dutifully in front of the director's cock, ready to accept his load. He blows a good shot, nailing both her eyes with watery sperm. She turns around to doggie and shows off her freshly fucked asshole to end the scene. This was a good scene, though it could have been better. The stud had some performance anxiety here which affected some of the shots. I love the POV idea though, and can't wait to see more of it. Rating: 7.5/10